IC24 CyberFit Security Program

Create an Organization that is Agile, Resilient, and Strong.


How to mitigate the risk of cyber threats

Cybercrime pays; it’s profitable (most crimes are committed by organized crime syndicates), easy to implement (ransomware-as-a-service can be purchased online…training and profit-sharing available), and it’s here to stay.

To mitigate the risk of cyber threats, you must do more than add multi-factor authentication to your VPN or backup your data.

Instead, create a cybersecurity program that will help mitigate your risks AND be flexible enough to evolve as the threats evolve and your company grows.


Maximize your CyberFitness

IC24 CyberFit Security Program is specifically designed for small and mid-market organizations who want to create an organization that is agile, resilient, and strong. It covers 4-5 key areas (depending on your business goals and requirements) that will help you maximize your CyberFitness: Compliance & Regulatory Concerns, Security Framework, People & Culture, Process & Governance, and Technology.

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What you can expect from your IC24 CyberFit Program:



Ad hoc security tools and services are expensive. Instead, we’ll help you plan your security program and stay within budget or help you create a budget


Access to Advanced Technology

We will help you choose the right advanced technology that fits with your business needs, budget, and objectives.


Visibility and Expert Guidance

If you’re like most companies, your IT department is already overwhelmed with tasks. We can provide you and your IT team expert guidance by our security professionals.



You’ll feel confident by taking a proven, results-based approach to risk mitigation strategies and technologies.

Here’s how it works:

Contact us

Contact us for free Discovery Session where we’ll discuss your needs, requirements, and security goals.

Get a security assessment

We have a variety of assessments available. Together we’ll choose the right one to help you improve your CyberFitness.

Create a roadmap & risk plan

After your assessment, we will create a detailed roadmap and risk plan to help you plan your implementation strategy and budget.


With your security goals defined and roadmap in hand we will help you and your IT team with the implementation of your security program.

Ongoing Success!

You can confidently report to your vendors, customers, and Executive Board that you are proactively managing your cyber risk and your budget.


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Optimize your company’s CyberFitness and protect your company’s assets, reputation, and finances with the IC24 CyberFit Security Program.

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