Our commitment, values, and mission

When it comes to managing the technology landscape, who can you trust?

Since 2001, We’ve been providing middle-market and small enterprise organizations great customer service along with our expertise in managing trends, budget planning, and establishing best practices.

We have helped our clients with:
  • New technology solutions that are both flexible and cost-effective.
  • Creating budgets for their IT departments.
  • Making personnel and IT infrastructure recommendations based on their budgets.
  • Crafting comprehensive IT and data use policies.
  • Determining the useful lifespan of their information systems, hardware, and software.
  • Navigating the complex security and compliance landscape.

At Consilien we are ready to partner with you to ensure the strength, viability, and longevity of your company through technology solutions, security, and planning.

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Consilien's Mission

To be the nation's premier Managed Security and Managed IT Services provider for middle-market and small enterprise organizations. We will do this by helping our clients successfully navigate the complex technology, compliance, and security landscape, provide excellent customer service, and right-size our customer's technology solutions to their business needs.

Core Values:

  • Partnership
  • Constant Learning
  • Loyalty
  • Integrity
  • Happiness

We believe....

  • Our services are vital to the businesses we serve.
  • Service delivery can always be improved (and we do everything we can to improve it daily).
  • To strive to provide services in a way that allows employees, partners, and customers to thrive.