Frequently Asked Questions

  • VIRTUAL-e Service
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  • IC/24 BDR Service
  • VIRTUAL-e Service

    What is Cloud Computing?
    Computing delivered over the Internet like a utility service that can be accessed by any device that has internet connection. Computing horsepower is located and happens outside the company on external servers, so no hardware needs to be owned and operated by the user. Learn More from Wikipedia
    What is a Thin Client? How is it different from a PC?
    A Thin Client is a simple local terminal device with connections for monitor, keyboard and mouse. It has no moving parts, no hard drives, no noisy fans or local data storage. It is used for connecting to a remote computer or computing platform. In simple terms, it relays your keyboard and mouse commands to a remote computer, such as a VIRTUALe server, and in return, display a screen, or desktop, from the server. They are very energy efficient, usually drawing a 1/10th of the power or less, compared to a typical PC. And they have a much longer operating life than a PC. Learn more from Wikipedia
    Do we have to buy servers ?
    No. With VIRTUALe there is no cost burden of server ownership and therefore no expensive capital expenditure. Consilien owns and operates the servers on behalf of all clients.
    I am a very small company, can I afford VIRTUALe service?
    VIRTUALe is specifically designed for the small and mid sized company in mind. Depending on your requirements a small company with as few as 5 users can sign-on for less than $1000 a month.
    What about SPAM and Viruses?
    VIRTUALe uses the very latest in anti-virus, anti-SPAM software and firewall technologies to protect against malware infections. We will help each client design and implement a custom web access policy to ensure they have the best protection for their environment.
    How physically secure are the servers where my data is held?
    At most small to mid-sized businesses, servers are housed in server rooms with limited physical security. This makes them vulnerable to thefts, accidents, disasters and sabotage. Consilien’s VIRTUALe servers are housed in a seismic zone rated data center, with multiple layers of physical and data security. The building is also protected against fire and power failure. It also operates a dedicated diesel generator for power and cooling, as well as fuel resupply contracts to keep it running indefinitely.
    How secure is my data?
    VIRTUALe‘s architecture/design makes it much more secure than most company networks. Each client company’s data and network is compartmentalized to separate disk storage and dedicated networks. Access to your hosted VIRTUALe servers is only through an encrypted VPN or dedicated link from your office to our data center. No connection is every directly open to the Internet. We also utilize a state-of-the-art data backup system that will backup your complete VIRTUALe server multiple times a day. Optionally, our clients can elect to have a copy of their VIRTUALe server backed-up to our alternate data center, to protect against those extreme emergencies.
    What happens if my internet connection goes down?

    When we are deploying VIRTUALe service for a client, whenever possible we will help them ensure their offices, or sites, are equipped with redundant Internet connectivity and VPN link. This redundancy can be a combinations of Telecom services, such as T1s, cable, fiber and wireless connections.

    Our data center is equipped with multiple dedicated fiber connections, supported by multiple back-bone providers to guard against any type of Internet outages.
    Can I access my VIRTUALe desktop remotely from home?
    Absolutely. One of the big benefits of VIRTUALe is that your Desktop can be anywhere you have an internet and a VPN connection. All home PCs and vast majority of current Smart devices, such as iPhones, Droids, iPads, are all capable of establishing an encrypted VPN link with our data center.
    Do I have to buy my own copies of Microsoft Office Software?
    No. We can provide you with the most current (standard or professional) version of Microsoft Office as part of your VIRTUALe service.
    What about our enterprise software, such as ERP and CRM, which has been customized and tailored for our company or business?
    As part of the VIRTUALe service we will help you migrate your existing enterprise software to the virtual servers that we host for you. We will work with your software consultants, VARs or software vendors to ensure a smooth transition.
  • IC/24 Managed Services

    How does IC/24 Managed Services work?
    Using our IC/24 monitoring platform, we will proactively monitor your servers, networks and PCs 24/7. We also use this technology to automate the management of Microsoft patches/updates, Anti-Virus and other day-to-day IT tasks. Our team will remediate any problems remotely, or dispatch a team member to your office if required. We can also provide 24/7 helpdesk support to your users.
    What about anti-virus/spyware software and licenses?
    IC/24 Managed Services will both manage and provide you with anti-virus and anti-spyware software and licenses. You will no longer have to buy a separate subscription to protect your IT infrastructure.
    How much does IC/24 Managed Services cost?
    IC/24 Managed Services is a custom tailored solution for your organization. The cost depends on the size and lay-out of your infrastructure, as well as the desired scope of services. The cost can be as low as $150 monthly for a single server.
    What about getting help or support when we need it?
    You can reach us via email, phone or your dedicated online portal to request help. Optional 24/7 user helpdesk support is also available. Consilien utilized an advanced service ticket management system, which you can access via the online portal to keep track of the status of your request.
  • IC/24 BDR Services

    How often are the backups run?
    The IC/24 BDR service can be set to run as often as 15 minutes. A typical backup strategy would be 4-6 times daily. Our team will help you determine the frequency during the installation & deployment process.
    Is the backed-up data stored off-site? Is it safe?
    Yes to both questions. The IC/24 BDR service gives you the option to have a copy of your data stored off-site. All of your off-site data is secured with the strongest commercial grade encryption available (AES 256bit). Your regular backups are uploaded over your Internet connection to the backup data vault while being protected by encryption.
    How quickly can you recover my files if they are accidentally lost?
    Our service team can recover your lost files, folders, even individual emails in minutes, once we are able to identify where they were located originally. It often takes longer for our client to correctly identify the last know location than to restore the file or folder.
    What if my server fails?

    Our IC/24 BDR NAS device is capable of being provisioned to act as a backup server for you using the last backup in this scenario. We will continue to provide backup service to your other servers, and run the backup server until you are able to repair or replace the failed server.

    We can restore your failed server, including Windows Operating Systems and all its setting, to a completely different replacement server.
    What if we experience a catastrophe, and everything is lost, including the NAS?

    In such a disaster, your data and even your servers are fully protected. IC/24 BDR Service can offer you two options to continue accessing your data and get your business back operating as soon as possible:

    We could load the last set of remotely stored backup into another NAS device and ship it over-night to a location of your choice. Once it arrives, our team can provision the NAS as a backup server(s) so you can keep working.

    If you require access to your data within hours, instead of waiting for overnight shipment of the NAS, we can take your last backup and convert it to a Virtual Server and run it from our data center. Our team will help you access it from a location of your choice via the Internet.

    IC/24 BDR Service is more than just a backup system, it is a complete Business Continuity Solution.