Backup & Disaster Recovery

IC24 Business Continuity and Backup Disaster Recovery (BCDR)

IC24 BCDR is a fully-managed, end-to-end business solution that provides proactive monitoring, management, testing, and protection of your organizations data and core infrastructure.

Benefits of our solution include:

Your backup's are tested daily, validated, and scanned for malicious infections like ransomware. We monitor your backup's ensuring that they are viable. In the event ransomware is suspected, we can quickly restore the entire business from a safe backup.

With IC/24 Business Continuity, Backup Disaster Recovery (BC/BDR) service, downtime can be minutes versus days or weeks. Our IC/24 BC/BDR is your best option in the fight against ransomware, malware, human error, or even leaky pipes.

We provide both onsite at your location and offsite (CLOUD) backup in two United States locations, providing redundancy you can depend on.

When needed we can quickly retrieve your entire business (data, files, applications, servers, and network) in just minutes or spin up our on-premise solution in the event your server is damaged.  Your business seamlessly continues while your IT team works on restoring your environment.

Microsoft Office 365 and GSuite DO NOT guarantee data recovery, which means your data is susceptible to malicious attacks or accidental deletion.

We can protect and easily recover your emails, files, shared files, and calendar.

Our backup protection backs up data in compliance with SOC1/ SSAE 16 and SOC 2 Type II reporting standards and supports your HIPAA and GDPR.