2 Minute Case Study: Ransomware Recovery

Updated 12/01/2019

Cybersecurity | Backup and Disaster Recovery

2-minute read

Quick Case Study: Security Assessment

Mid-sized manufacturing business, under $50 million

Issue: Suffered a recent ransomware attack. Rather than pay the ransom, they shut down their operations for a week to remediate the problem. They called us after the remediation.

Assessment results:

  • Backups on main server had been failing every day for a week.
  • Excessive missing security patches
  • Low disk space
  • Servers in extended support
  • No discernible business continuity planning, e.g., they were using tape backup’s and therefor were unable to restore the entire business quickly, including data and applications.
  • Onsite visit found that they were storing their tapes outside of the server room.


  • Their servers were less than 36 months old, so we didn’t recommend replacing them, but they did have a space issue.
  • Eliminate tape backup
  • Use a Business Disaster Recovery (BDR) and Business Continuity (BC) solution to give both onsite and offsite backup. Ideally this solution will perform multiple backups a day with ZERO interruption to workflow.
  • This BDR and BC solution would have virtualization capabilities. That way if there’s ever a problem with a server, the machine can be used a temporary server.
  • Verify backups daily
  • Advanced endpoint security to proactively detect and remediate threats.

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