Are You Making This Security Mistake?

Updated 08/07/2021

IT and Business Operations

Zero trust security provider MobileIron has released a report that may paint the C-suite in a negative light when it comes to IT security.

The report states, "that C-suite executives often bypass their organization's mobile security protocols, putting businesses around the world at significant risk of a data breach and highlighting the need for newer technologies to allow employees to be secure and productive at the same time."

It also says that executives tend to view themselves above the standard rules, and therefore do not adhere to their organizations' security protocols. Below are a few of the highlighted statistics found in the report:

  • 68% of companies surveyed claim that IT security compromises their personal security.
  • 62% say policies restrict their device usage.
  • 42% state that IT is considered a low priority.
  • 76% say the C-suite has asked to bypass protocols to save time.
  • 47% requested network access for unsupported devices.
  • 45% asked to bypass multifactor authentication.
  • 37% asked to access business data on unauthorized applications.
  • 84% say they were targeted by cyberattacks within the last year.

When questioning IT professionals, 78% said the C-suite is most likely to be targeted, and 71% said they believed their executives would fall for scams. The report summarizes that mobile security needs to strive to be easy to use while not interrupting production and keeping personal data secure at the same time. The complaints from executives are far from new, but so are the vulnerabilities within this management level.