Free Data Recovery Demo. It’s Cyber Monday!

Updated 10/10/2016

Backup and Disaster Recovery

If you've been putting off getting a business continuity/disaster recovery service for your business because:

1. You're too busy 2. You think it's expensive 3. It's a hassle

then, you will love this!

Consilien's Business Continuity (CBC) devices are quick and easy to install and combined with our world-class security service, costs about the same as lunch at your favorite diner.

The CBC devices can store anywhere from 500 GB to 24 TB of data. And since we provide true business continuity, you will have near instant recovery of your data, network, applications, and server NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS.

Ransomware attack? No problem. We've helped our clients get up and running in no time, with no data loss and no ransom paid.

Sever failure? No problem. Our Consilien Business Continuity devices can fire-up as a virtual server so you and your employees can keep on working. We've had clients use our device for one month while waiting for their new sever.

Lose a file? It happens. All you have to do is call us and we can find it and restore it in minutes. Our service technicians are always on-call.

Can't access your facility? With Consilien's Business Continuity device and service, your employees can work from anywhere.

Contact me directly at  or 866.680.3388 x712 to schedule your Security Assessment and Data Recovery Demo.

This is a FREE service and there's no obligation to buy anything. You'll also discover how safe your company is in the likely event you are unable to access your data, network, applications, or servers.

And if you sign-up with us, you'll get 10% off hardware and installation.

Secure. Easy. Done!

We're looking forward to working with you.

Krista Hollingsworth VP Sales & Marketing, Consilien P.S. Remember, our security assessment and data recovery is a FREE service and there's no obligation to buy anything. And you can get 10% off hardware and installation.

P.P.S. Already been compromised by ransomware, malware, or a business email scam? We can help. Contact me directly at 866.680.3388 x712