How Consilien’s Intelligent Business Continuity Outwits a Ransomware Attack and Save’s this Chemical Company $10,000

Updated 01/05/2015


The ransom note was clear; their company files had been seized. The hackers were demanding $10,000 payable in bitcoin. However, the mistake these would-be thieves made was giving the client 72-hours to pay.

When the client call came through to our 24-hour, 7 days a week help desk we immediately went into action.

First, we called the client and requested that they unplug all the computers to protect the network. Next, using our remote access capabilities we found that one of the company’s servers had been infected. Luckily they had their Datto Siris appliance on site and we were able to restore all the data within an hour.

At the same time the client was on the phone with us, our technical team was dispatched and on site within an hour. Once there, we systematically searched more than 60 computers until we found “patient zero.” Total company downtime 2 hours, with no loss of data, and their bank account intact.

How did the hackers find their mark? Through an innocent looking email sent to an unsuspecting employee.

Our fully managed end to end intelligent business continuity solution saves SMBs from ransomware, malware, and even human error.

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