How Cyber Security Gives You a Competitive Advantage

Updated 09/10/2019


In 2017 it was reported that hackers had breached half of all small business in the United States (citation). It has become a national crisis, and…

…if you don’t have adequate security, it’s likely your competitor doesn’t either.

Which means that you could create a distinct competitive advantage by adding robust data and network security measures (beyond just a firewall), that could cost you as little as $100 per week.

And here’s a Public Relations tip! When you do upgrade your cyber security, you can send out a simple email, write a blog post, and social media post that says, “We care about your data as much as you do. Which is why we’ve invested in updating our data and network security measures. Your business is safe with us.”

Making assurances that you take your customers data protection seriously is a great way to retain and grow your customer base.

If you already have an IT team on site, they may not have the time or resources to implement a full-scale solution. We can help.  Call today for your FREE data, network, and business continuity assessment (A $497 value).