How Your Employees Social Media Accounts Put Your Business at Risk

Updated 09/18/2021

IT and Business Operations

By now you’ve likely heard that five hundred million Facebook users' personal information was recently spotted on a hacker website for anyone to purchase.

It’s also likely that your employees are using their company credentials for their personal social media accounts. Which means, that a hack like the one at Facebook, can put your company at grave risk.

Many people use personal information when creating logins and passwords for business purposes.

It’s not uncommon, in fact, for people to use birthdates, pet names, their spouses name, or where they went to High School as a password.

Much of that information can be easily gathered from social media accounts, such as Facebook.

A Balbix survey conducted last year showed over 99% of users reuse passwords, either across work accounts or between work and personal accounts.

With 80% of hacking-related breaches resulting from compromised credentials, the price of not having a strong password policy is high.

It’s important that you speak to your employees today about their use of company credentials on their personal social media accounts. It’s not safe for them or your organization.

6 Tips on How to Protect Your Company from Employees Social Media Accounts

  1. Have a written policies on acceptable password usage
  2. Review these policies with your employees.
  3. Always use Multi-Factor Authentication.
  4. Have a DNS filter to prevent employees from going to unwanted websites.
  5. Regularly scan the Dark Web for lost company credentials.
  6. Have regular security awareness training for your employees that help them be safe while online at home and at work.

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