Is Your Cloud Safe from Ransomware?

Updated 02/01/2022


Is Your Cloud Safe from Ransomware?

Imagine, your accountant receives what appears to be a legitimate sent from a trusted vendor, clicks on the link and voila! a malicious virus quickly goes to work encrypting all of your files and locking you out…that is, until you pay the ransom.But what if your data is in the cloud? If you’re infected with ransomware, the files on your local hard drive will be held ransom _and_ “…the copy you have in the cloud will be overwritten when your computer syncs. So your backup is also now held at ransom,” citation But not all is lost...

There are ways to backup your cloud and ensure true business continuity and protect your business.

  1. Watch this video (it's a little techy) from our partner DATTO. You'll get to see first hand what a compromised cloud environment looks like, and see how the issue is remediated.

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