Need Better Cyber Security? Practice Having a Beginner’s Mind

Updated 12/01/2019


Shoshin, is a Zen word which means to have a "beginner's mind." A beginner's mind is open, eager, and ready to learn. Indeed, wise men and women do their best to maintain a beginner's mind in all areas of life, and you should too when it comes to keeping your business secure from cyber threats.

There's so much noise on the web and in the news regarding cyber security that it's easy to tune it out. It's easy to think, "Oh, I've heard that before. I know that." But the reality is that an open mind is a vigilant mind, which is what you need to keep your data and business safe from the expense and humiliation of a cyber attack.

Cyber attacks are evolving, and criminals are getting better at breaking into your network, delivering malware payloads, and fooling your employees into giving over sensitive information and/or sending money over-seas. It happens every day.

Keep a beginners mind when it comes to cyber security and read the  "2018 Global Security Report," written by Consilien strategic partner AppRiver.

Inside, you'll learn more about how Business Email Scams and hacking have evolved.

For example, take "The Trickbot Trojan."  Trickbot uses emails that are carefully crafted to look like legitimate email notifications from financial institutions. These emails will ask you to view the attached documents, sign, and fax back. However, when you open the link the malware payload is delivered. While it's main purpose is financial fraud, this malware virus was updated last year to:

  • Target cryptocurrency wallets such as Coinbase.
  • Disable Windows Defender and other Anti-Virus software
  • Evade sandboxing, code-injection, key-logging, contact scraping, and startup persistence

According to AppRiver, this evolution shows how criminals are tailoring their activities to maximize their return per infection.

At Consilien, we've never had a managed services clients have excessive downtime due to malware. Indeed, it is frustrating when we hear that companies are down for weeks because of an infection, when they could have created an efficient, cost effective, and secure IT infrastructure that would withstand cyber attacks.

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