Potential Security Threat for Microsoft Users

Updated 10/10/2016


Microsoft is ending support for Microsoft 2007 Office Suite and Microsoft Exchange 2007 Email Server in 2017.  This means that Microsoft will no longer be providing patches which will leave any 2007 users open to security threats like malicious code and hacking attacks.


  1. Upgrade Microsoft Office. However, a new version of Microsoft Office can cost you upwards of $300 per user, and yes, Microsoft does check your licenses and will levy heavy fines if you are not in compliance. A more popular option is to upgrade to Microsoft Office 365.
  1. If you are still running your own Microsoft Exchange 2007 Email server you will need to upgrade, migrate to Office 365, or use other privately hosted solutions. Please know that if you decide to upgrade, the price for Microsoft licensing bundles has changed, which will be more expensive to implement.

Please speak to your Microsoft partner for assistance or call us directly at 866.680.3388. We’re happy to help.