Security for Office 365

Updated 05/10/2017

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Are you aware that Microsoft 365 does not provide backup for your data and files? Yes, you can access deleted emails for up to 30 days through the Recoverable Items folder. However, what it doesn’t do is allow you to recover your data under disaster scenarios or recover individual files or data beyond the recoverable windows (citation)

While Microsoft 365 is reliable, flexible, and cost effective, it has been known to go down for several hours or days in recent years. In addition, the CLOUD can and does get hacked costing SMBs on average $86.5k per security incident (citation).

For example, unless every one of your employees is trained to recognize a phishing email, someone in your organization is likely to respond to a phishing email, hand over sensitive information like a password, and viola! Hackers have access to your cloud application.

The solution is to have a third-party application provide backup and business continuity for Microsoft 365. If you are planning to migrate over to Microsoft 365, then backup and business continuity must be part of your migration plans.

As an experienced I.T. company with over 15 years’ experience in I.T. Infrastructure Management, we provide expert migration planning and implementation. We also provide backup and business continuity to all our clients who are using Microsoft 365.

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