The Case of the Disappearing Emails

Updated 10/10/2019

IT and Business Operations

The company’s owner, let’s call him Fred, called upset because his email kept mysteriously disappearing  and reappearing, and his current IT provider didn’t have answers. He owns a successful entertainment company that deals primarily with the Intellectual Property (IP) and email is the lifeline of the business.  We went to visit him at his modern offices in Santa Monica.

During our initial conversation and quick assessment, it turned out that they also didn’t have adequate backup for their email or any of the company’s applications and data. It’s always a revelation when a business executive finds out that Microsoft Office 365 and G Suite don’t guarantee backup and easy restore of their data.

One just assumes that everything is safe in the cloud, but it isn’t. Cloud apps are also vulnerable to malware/ransomware infections.  Even if a company uses Google Vault, Vault doesn’t create a secondary copy of your data independent of Google which gives you a single point of failure.

Anyway, Fred’s complaint about disappearing and reappearing emails isn’t unheard of**. If it happens to you try these solutions:**

  1. Use search function to search your entire email box. If that doesn’t work then…
  2. Go to your email web portal and do a search for the emails. If they are there, it means that your emails are stuck in the cache. If that’s the case, then you will need to rebuild the cache.

Fred’s company was too big and fast growing for a DIY solution like the one above, so our IT team crafted a plan that would address his most pressing issues. We gave them our IC/24 Total Managed Services and secure backup for their cloud applications. We use Backupify for backup and easy restore. Backupify works for Microsoft Office 365, G Suite, and Salesforce.

Once we took over management the IT environment, their email problem disappeared.

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