Video: Should Your Organization File for Bankruptcy?

Updated 07/01/2021

IT and Business Operations

During this unprecedented economic downturn, it's likely that many organizations are considering bankruptcy as an option.

In this part of our series, "Navigating What Comes Next," we explore some options which can help you restructure the organization and even prepare for growth. In fact, you may have more options than you realize, which is why I  chose to speak to bankruptcy specialist, Richard Golubow, Esq for guidance.

During this interview, Richard and I discuss:

  • Why you should start planning to restructure your business today
  • The pitfalls of filing for bankruptcy too soon
  • How the CARES Act included a temporary change to the bankruptcy code which could benefit your business
  • Thinking outside of the box

Richard is one of Southern California's premiere bankruptcy attorneys. But his specialty is keeping his clients out of bankruptcy court.

While our goal is to help organizations navigate the complex  technology landscape, we're also committed to long-term strategic partnerships with our clients. It's why they trust us with their security and IT management.

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