Why Your Backup is a Security Risk

Updated 09/10/2016

Cybersecurity | Backup and Disaster Recovery

Imagine, a 14-million-dollar manufacturing business with three locations. Their facilities manager does double-duty by also providing their in-house IT support.

During a data and network security assessment, we discovered that the server hadn’t been properly backed-up since January 2015!

Although their facilities manager changed the portable drives daily, and the software was running properly, the backups never completed. The only way he could have known about the failed backups was if he could test and verify them.

Backup as a Security Risk

Disk, tape, or even cloud backup does not guarantee uptime in the likely event you are infected with ransomware or other malicious virus, your server or network fails, or your facility is temporarily shut down.

Considering that backup is part of your data and network security suite, an inadequate solution is a risk to maintaining a stable and profitable environment.

Beyond Backup: Myth vs. Fact

Here are three common myths that put your business at risk.

Myth #1: “I backup regularly so I must be safe in the likely event my data and files are inaccessible due to ransomware, a malicious virus, flood, fire, power outage, or other disaster.”

Fact: To access your data and files you will need your applications, server, and network environment. Backup only solutions DO NOT backup your applications, server, and network.

Myth #2: “I backup regularly and take my backups home (or ship them off-site) so my data is safe.”

Fact: Disk and tape backups fail 20% - 40% during restoration, and they ARE generally NOT regularly tested and validated.

Myth #3: “I backup to the CLOUD, so I am safe. I can download my data and files quickly and easily in the event of a disaster.”

Fact: CLOUD backup can take days or weeks to recover data depending on the amount of data and your bandwidth.

Business Continuity is the Security Solution You’re Missing

Business continuity is more than backup. Consilien’s Business Continuity Solution for Small Business is an easy to install and inexpensive all-in-one solution.

It uses image-based technology that guarantees near INSTANT recovery of your data and files, applications, server and network environment.

Consilien BCS is insurance against downtime, lost profits, and loss of reputation.

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