Training Funding Source

The program is funded from the payroll tax every California employer pays


This money is earmarked for improving employee skills, and now you can have access to it.

How It Works

  • - Employee to Employee Training
    - Group Training
    - Supervisor to Employee Training
    - Outside Contractor

    Training may be in-house, in the field, or in classes and seminar

  • - Complete your application and training proposal
    - Represent you with the state’s Employment Training Panel
    - Manage the State Analyst Review Meetings
    - Oversee your program documentation, processes, and record keeping
    - Manage your training schedule and outsourced training agreements
    - Submit all necessary paperwork to ensure your timely reimbursements

    There are never any upfront fees for this service. Our fees are a small percentage of your reimbursement when you complete the approved training.

  • - Crop Production
    - Utilities
    - Construction
    - Manufacturing
    - Wholesale Trade: Transportation Equipment/Supplies & Recyclable Material
    - Transportation & Warehousing: Freight Air, Rail, Deep Sea, Coastal, Pipeline, Support for Air, Rail, Water, Freight Transportation Arrangement, Packing and Crating, Couriers and Express Delivery Service, Warehousing, Storage
    - Information: Publishing (Internet, Software, Music, Newspaper, Periodical, Book). Motion Picture, Video, Record Production & Distribution, Teleproduction, Postproduction, Sound recording studio, Radio network, Cable, Subscription programming, Wired Telecommunications Carriers, Cellular, Satellite, Resellers, Data Processing, Hosting, Broadcasting & Web Search Portals
    - Professional, Scientific, Technical: Architectural, Engineering, Drafting, Surveying, Mapping, Geophysical, Non Testing Laboratories Custom Computer Programming, Computer Systems Design, Computer Facilities Management Consulting in Process, Physical Distribution, Environmental, Logistics, Scientific, Technical. Research and Development in Physical, Engineering and Life Sciences
    - Remediation
    - Materials Recovery Facilities
    - Health Care and Social Assistance: Outpatient Care Centers; Family, HMO, Substance, Kidney, Medical and Diagnostic Laboratories, Home Health Care, Ambulatory, Hospital, Nursing and Residential Care Facilities Headquarters providing support to 25% or more of overall revenue, operations, offices, branches, stores, franchises or employees located outside California.

    Your company is eligible if 25% or more of your revenue is derived from customers outside of California

    Your company is also eligible if you have three competitors outside of California with no California locations.

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